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Moipu Dealer

Richard court Forestry engineering are now approved dealers for Moipu Heads, Wheels and Sorters.


Moisio Forest, through their contracting experience saw the need for better machines and systems for forestry work. They  designed, tested and developed these ideas and now manufacture these innovative products for the forestry industry.


Moipu harvester heads have been specifically developed for more efficient harvesting of wood. Production/hour is increased and costs are much lower than with a normal harvester head making the whole operation more cost effective.


Moipu feed rollers with their unique design generate better grip on the timber when feeding making the felling operation smoother and quicker so more productive whilst reducing damage to the timber and wear and tear on the machine itself.


A Moipu Sorter enables you to divide the loading space on a forwarder into two or three different sections enabling you to collect two or three different sizes of timber within one pass, reducing travelling and unloading time making the whole collection process more efficient thus reducing costs.


We can fit Moipu harvester heads to diggers and all makes of harvester bases .


Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your requirements.


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